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Hi, I setup a VehicleBody, did the same things on tutorials and check the docs. VehicleBody is parent of CollisionBody and Wheels, each VehicleWheel has a child MeshInstance, and also there is model of car attached to VehicleBody. Car is sitting coretly on the wheels (collision body is not in the contact with terrain).

I really dont know where can be a probleme, car simply move by setting up an Engine force, but wheels are not rotate. just "bouncing" of a ground when they accros an obstacle.

I am using Godot 3.1 beta 4. I tested a vehicle demo from "Bastiaan Olij" (tutorial on youtube) - wich work, so I change "all" (probably not all, when its not working) characteristic and still not figure out where is a problem.
I would be happy if someone can help me.

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I also worked for the problem for sometime and found it can be solved by setting wheel direction to +Z axis.
My wheel didn't rotate when it was facing X axis. After setting direction along -Y axis in blender and exported as gltf, wheel direction would be +Z, which rotates when car is moving.

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