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Hi I'm facing a problem with animation sprites.
I have some sprites with different sizes. Then when I add and my node is centered the sprite grow from top and bot to center the sprite. It would be nice if my sprite will always be anchored on bot and grows from top.
I add one GIF to represent what I'm saying


I notify that exist centered property in AnimatedSprite but if you unchecked it will always grow from bottom.
How can I do the trick? I don't want to resize all my sprites to the same size, in unity I can do this easy. What is the way for godot?
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I have some sprites with different sizes.

The easiest way is to keep the frames on one size. For example, if you watch some tutorials, where characters are animated with an AnimatedSprite, you can usually see that every frame is the same size. Then you just avoid that..

I think there is no common way to do that..

But if you still want to use these sprites, you could try to animate it with an AnimationPlayer, where you set the animations UpdateMode to UPDATE_DISCRETE, see Animation. Then you could reposition your Sprite on every frame..

But then why would you need an AnimatedSprite node?

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