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why popup panel stay at same place when i move nodetree?
example my node tree at x: 20 , y:20 then i move to x:100, y:100. all node tree child move to x:100, y:100 except popup panel node and it child keep at x: 20 , y:20 .

  1. i tick and untick "Make sure object's children are not selectable" button,s till show same result
  2. all node tree child move to x:100, y:100, in godot platformer, but still stay at x: 20 , y:20 in play scene

sorry for my broken english

asked Feb 17, 2019 in Engine by potatobanana (272 points)

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Because the panel is use screenspace coord and not world or local space.

answered Feb 18, 2019 by LordViperion (190 points)
selected Feb 19, 2019 by potatobanana

possible to make it stick with nodetree?

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