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anybody knows how to increment a timer?
in my main scene I have an accountant.
decreasing, when counter = 0 gives game over
, but during the game I have hourglasses that add more time to the timer
I used the onbodyentered of the hourglass to detect the player
but I can not increase the time

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You can use proterty wait_time to increase time of Timer. $Timer.wait_time += 10.

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it didn't work

debugger message:
Invalid get index 'wait_time' (on base: 'null instance')

I created a countdown timer

onready var gametimer = getnode("Score Counter/UI/Base/game_timer")

func process(delta):

func ongametimertimeout():

func ontimebodyentered(body):
if "player" in body.name:
$game _ timer.waittime += 10

oh. I am sorry. it is $Timer.wait_time += 10

You can take all properties of node by holding mouse above that property

enter image description here

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