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I'm creating an online game which downloads content (including tiles) from the server and loads them into a tileset.

The server sends one image per texture for a tile. Each texture can have a different size. Currently, some textures span more or less than a single tile which is not what is supposed to happen.

The same goes for sprites: the server sends textures of sprites, which should be scaled to tileset tile size.

I can't find an option to scale a texture to the tilemap's tile size. How could I do that?

Notice: I want to keep the game "open", so anyone can make their own client in any engine, so hard-coded Godot-specific files are not really an option.

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I hope someone answers this, I am also trying to do something similar in dynamic TileMap scaling per device resolution and full-screen vs windowed mode and various resolution settings.
I want it to scale with the setting.

I'm also specting this

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