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SVG is not imported, instead black square.

And is it rational to use SVG, or better immediately PNG. How godot squeezes SVG when processing? (I plan to add a large number of objects)

UPD What formats are best to use to best quality?


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How godot squeezes SVG when processing?

SVG is rasterized to an image using NanoSVG when importing, so it is not a "true" vector when used in-game. Also, keep in mind NanoSVG is quite limited in terms of supported features: some complex vectors won't render correctly (or at all).

And is it rational to use SVG, or better immediately PNG.

If you want control over the rendering process, I'd advise rendering SVGs to PNGs beforehand. This can be automated using Inkscape's command line interface.

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Thanks, I understand. Easier to use png pre rendered

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