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Hi, i want to make this the best way possible ( I use tilemap with isometric) (i want to create mountains for example )
enter image description here

and stairs like this

enter image description here

i don't know if there are a good way to do that

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You can't add 'physical' depth to a 2D, which is a plane surface. It's theoretically impossible.

The image depth illusion would come from sprites you use. If you look at first image you can understand that there are 2 levels of mountain, but without shadows it kinda looks like they share the same surface. Get what I mean?

And if you want to make so your character can 'climb' mountains or slopes, the way to achieve this is to manage your collisions properly. For example add collision shapes to your ground tile walls, leaving the grass or rocks part empty, so your char will bump into walls, and walk freely on the floor.

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yes, the solution will be work in the sprites and how i put them in scene for make the effect work,xD ty i will try to do it

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