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For the roguelike I'm developing I wish to add a gradient-like feel to the field of view of the character. To do so I decided to add a TileSet on top of the ground so that each tile would have a diferent alpha value depending on the distance to the player. It would be the same tile, just different alpha value.

However, I cant seem to find a way to modify a tile before or after placing it via code or otherwise. Is it even possible? If it's not, how could I go about my problem?

Thanks for any help!

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I don't know how to solve the alpha problem in the tile but if i deal with that problem what i would do is create in the tileset have different version of the same tile and change in code between them.

like this (3 different version of the same tile) 3 different version of the same tile

and if i need multiple alphas and don't want to do multiple sets for every one maybe i create like 3 tilemaps, change alpha tile maps, and load the tileset in the map wiht more alpha if you are closer. And load in the tilemap with less alpha if you are far.


I don't know if this have sense in your game. ._. In the image i have 3 tilemaps with different alpha, i use the tilemap with more alpha for the tiles are closer, tilemap "2" in the middle distance and "3" far distance

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I thought of this but hoped there would be a more elegant solution to the problem.
Thank you! :)

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Is this still up to date?
I place 2d walls ingame via tileset and when I’m still dragging the size i want to let it blink, to show that the wall isn’t placed jet
I would prefer doing it via alpha

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