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Why is it when i use a container it likes to not do what i want it to do as in if i place a container, it should keep its shape and location, but somehow its disregards what i want it to do and defaults into a line. Then i have to resize and reposition it all over again, why doesnt it just do what i want it to do?

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Control nodes seem really tricky to use at first, one advice I can give you is never modify margins or positions by hand. Just stick with HBoxContainers, VBoxContainers, CenterContainers, MarginContainers and only use size flags like expand or fill for horizontal and vertical size. You can also use min size under Rect.

It's just a matter of practice I find.

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lol... thats gonna be a hard thing to do, i customize everything to how i feel they should be. But its a nightmare to do on this engine( i dont even mess with the numbers in the margins or positions, i just stretch and expand the nodes. It causes me grief with everything i use( not just containers).

but ill try my best.

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