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I have a plataform where you can customize games content by changing a .json file or changing the image files directly. Usually the games have an executable and a separate folder for resources. From my searches it seems that godot3 doesn't have this functionality, and exports resources compressed in a .pck file or in .stex files.

Is there a way to actually leave run-time loaded resources exposed? So I can change them externally to godot editor? Or an alternative where I don't have to deal with .pck and .stex files directly?

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Godot can load data through internet through HTTPClient: docs.godotengine.org/en/stable/classes/class_httpclient.html

I suppose you can share resources pack on some site and let users set resource loading URL in the game. This way that they can download your pack, modify resources and then upload it somewhere and set the game load resources from that new URL.

Seems like a far way around, but think of the good side: it would be easy for users to share they mods. And you can even make a workshop for a central exchange point.

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