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Final edit: I got rid of the flashing problem by turning off the low processor-usage mode. I had turned this on as an experiment (OS.set_low_processor_usage_mode(true)), and it was fine for a while, but seems to have created this issue.

Original post follows.

Occasionally I get this error

Type: Error
Time: 0:016:00:0319
C Error: Condition 'det==0' is true.
C Source: core\math\math_3d.cpp:428
C Function: Matrix32::affine_invert

My app is purely UI based, i.e. mostly using Controls but with some very minor 2D stuff (which hasn't changed for ages). I'm not sure how/when this occurs. Anyone know what might cause it?

PS: The only way to get this info is by hovering over the

0:016:00:0319 -

line in the debugger to see it in the tool-tip (which disappears, then reappears, then disappears, etc.). Would be nice if the above info were displayed as well.

Edit: It seems the affine_invert error is not the cause of the below flashing because it is currently happening, and I don't have that error.
Further (maybe related): sometimes when I deploy to my Android phone via USB, the app flashes crazily between the main screen and the Godot logo, back and forth seemingly as fast as it can go (so it's basically a blur). Eventually this will fix itself (i.e. when I deploy after some other changes).

I'm not sure the two issues are related, but it's a suspicion. [edit: nope. see above]

Naturally it's frustrating because I can't run my app* and I have no idea where to look for the problem.


*Edit: Forgot to say my app runs on Windows just fine, it's only deploying to my Android devices (Nexus 6P and Nexus 7) where this happens. So I can continue to work on the code, and at some time deploy to Android and see if it's 'fixed'.

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