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Right now i am playing around with ENET and for that i am opening two different projects (means two different processes of Godot). One is my server the other the client, since i will run the server project on my server in headless mode.

When i open the editor and start running i always get the problem with the already used debug port.

drivers/unix/net_socket_posix.cpp:300 - Method/Function Failed, returning: ERR_UNAVAILABLE
Error listening on port 6007

I can fix that by changing the network debug port in one of the editors from 6007 to 6008. That works fine.

But the next time i open the editors again this setting is reset back to 6007 since it is shared in ~/.config/godot (Linux)

Is there anything i can do to start Godot, probably with a parameter to another setting?

I am using Godot 3.1 beta 2 right now which doesn't seem to be different in that case to Godot 3.0.x.

Thank you so far

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