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Hi, i want to use godot in Ubuntu 18.04, but even the FPS grabber tutorial run slow, the project editor and the exported game, they are really slow, not even reaching 10 fps when previewing the game. My processor is Intel Core i5, 8 gb ram, no video card, last godot version. Using defaults drivers from repository, Mesa.
I know that not having a video card is a problem, but the tutorial is a simple game and not even the exported game run smoothly.
Is there anything i could tweak or improve to get better performance? (except for the video card)

asked Jan 16, 2019 in Gossip by jalfonsocu (13 points)

Hi, i'm also using ubuntu and i have no problems. Maybe there is another issue, have you asked on github? I have video card, but is disabled and using the one of my 2th generation i5. Only have 4gb ram in this computer. Everything works flawlessly.

Something must be wrong with my system, but i can't tell what

Would it make any difference if I compile the sources myself instead of downloading the app from the site?

I dont think it would, but you lose nothing trying.. if it doesnt work you can try steam version, and post an issue in github

This might be a related issue: Github Issue

i switched to mint and it worked for me

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i have same problem

answered May 25 by devendra618 (9 points)
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