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Hello Godot guys

Any ideas for make a good structure game for many levels.

Inherited is a good thing. I use it as much as i can. I am going to make a game with many small levels.

At this moment I'm using inherited scene of a base scene for every levels. So i can easy add a additional node to all the levels if needed.

But is there a better way. I dont know if i meet a wall when i can to add/remove/change 1000+ levels.

Regards from Denmark

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What genre is this? A platformer, an RPG? That may help in creating levels. Other that, here's some things I suggest.

You can create a base level, and build upon that. Of course, if you make one change to the base level, it may change a bunch of other levels. You could also have the elements of a level, and bring them together into a complete level, only saving the configurations. Of course, that could get complicated, too.

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