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Hi everyone.

I'm currently trying to create a minigame where you have to pour coffee in an italian coffee maker from a spoon going from left to right, back and forth. The spoon moves by itself and you can only control when to "shoot".

The problem is, how to create a motion from top left to top right only where the spoon accelerates when approaching the top middle of the screen ?

I joined a quick sketches if it clears thing up a little

enter image description here

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In first place, imho, if you don't know anything about programming, you are setting your goals too high. Have you done the step by step tutorial in godot docs? If not, i highly recommend you to complete it after trying to do anything else (specially the Your First Game part).

In second place, your question is too generic. It's basically how to do the game you want. There are lots of ways of doing what you want. You need to be more specific with the question in order anyone can help. For example, lets assume that you are going to do the "spoon ship" controller first. Then you try to code the movement, right left... if you encounter some problem there, you come and ask here. Then you follow trying to make it shoot... etc.

But you wont able to do this, or even ask specific questions if you do not get to know the engine better; following the tutorials i linked is a good way.

Hello, I did the tutorials and I understand how my question is pretty generic and confusing, I'm gonna edit it as I found a way to express myself more precisely !

Great! If you made the tutorials, you should be able to start with the spoon minigame. I would start creating a scene for the spoon ship, and programming movement.

yeah but that's actually the movement itself which is the problem, how can I create this acceleration in the middle ? Using a rigidbody2D and adding something that changes gravity and attracts it in the center ?

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