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I know it sounds nonsense or something but I'm just asking that is there any ways to run godot engine (yes the engine) on Android and how to do it. Thank you?

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What do you mean? Just getting the engine to run on Android, or exporting your game to Android? If it's just with exporting your game, you can easily do that. Heck, I was running a test game on my Nexus 9 tablet last night.

Just getting the engine to run on Android, of cross(course).

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Technically yes. It already got a port to run on the web browser.

However, I hardly believe the engine will be easily usable or 100% issue free without playing around with the source and and adjusting/introducing new controls and elements to make it usable for Andriod users.

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The godot online version is not available anymore i think. May be it was just a proof of concept. IDK, but the site is down.

:0 huh, guess its too late for me to try out that before it closed

It's available but doesn't work on mobile devices as well as safari browsers. So it's not gonna work.

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I may as well answer this question (or at least attempt to answer it).

The engine runs well on Android. Just check out some of the games on F-Droid which are Godot-based.

So,if you want to run your Godot games (or even apps that are made with Godot) in Android, you can easily do that. Just develop the game as normal, and export it to Android. If necessary, install it on an Android device (e.g. Nexus 9 tablet) and see whether it works well for you. If not, go back, and make the necessary changes to your game until it works like how you want it to work.

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I think he is asking for running the engine on android, not a game.

Ah, more like a server? I understand.


What does that page talking about in simple? I struggle to get what it means

In the meantime I will do something insane like using Termux with VNC for x11 environment just to run godot engine on my mobile

Yes, he is asking just about running the engine on android not a compiled game.

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I think I have an answer for you. I tried to do the same a while ago. I ended up using termux with andronix to install Linux distro on android and use vnc for viewing. Here's the instruction:

  1. First step is to downloads apps: Termux (don't download it from Play Store because it's outdated there, use f-droid version that I provided), Andronix (used to get Linux installer for Termux), and VNC viewer of your choice (I recommend real vnc one, you can also connect to it from another device on the network)
  2. Then go to Andronix app and choose distro, I had success with Arch and another distro that is based on it, Manjaro. Their package manager, pacman, has binaries of Godot 3.2.3 for aarch64 architecture. Choose either, (I recommend arch), and a DE (desktop environment) for it (XFCE, LXDE or LXQT (only for manjaro)). And paste it in Termux. You can look up tutorials online for that.
  3. Setup distro, make sure you have display output: Once installed, kill the process (long press somewhere on screen, choose more and kill process, then press enter. Open up termux again and type ./start-arch.sh or ./start-manjaro.sh depending on what you've installed. Then type vncserver-start, navigate to vnc viewer app of choice and add new desktop: ip:, port: 1, or address: You should have display working now. Again you can just follow tutorial for that.
  4. Install Godot method 1: Type pacman -S godot, should work fine on Arch
  5. Install Godot method 2: 1. Download .pkg.tar.xz file (couldn't find the link again, but I included file on drive below) 2. navigate to the directory of the file and type: pacman -U godot-3.2.3-2-aarch64.pkg.tar.xz, additionally before doing it you may need to install some dependencies like that: pacman -S alsa-lib freetype2 libglvnd libxcursor libxi libxinerama libxrandr pusleaudio
  6. Install Godot method 2, easier way: I created a zip with all the files and a script to do that (it also has export template), it's available there. Just download it, unzip and run install.sh script inside.
  7. Have any problems?: By now you should have Godot installed, but if you encounter any problems you can ask me for help.

It's not Godot on 'Android' but it works on Android device so you can call it a win.

Also you can setup audio, all info is at andronix docs.

Hope it helps you or anyone finding this post.

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This one works, Huge thanks from me

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