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i am currently having a lot of trouble with compiling the android export templates for 3.1 beta 1 with admob
i get one error and after I manage to fix it something else comes up

could someone compile those for me, upload them and give me the link? I would really appreaciate it :)

asked Jan 12 in Engine by Tova (146 points)

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In 3.1 we noticed it added a line. See my ticket and the solution at the end.
Hope it helps

answered Feb 4 by j2l (55 points)
selected Apr 5 by Tova
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If you are not using C#, try the Steam version. I had a problem with templates just like yours that I couldn't manage to fix. Tried the Steam version and it worked.

answered Jan 12 by fpicoral (495 points)

I don't see how Steam version would help, because on steam there is only 3.0 stable version.
I need the new 3.1 beta 1 export templates, with admob module, but I am unable to compile those myself.

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