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How can i compute the Rect2D that i've drawn in?
enter image description here

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You would need to draw 4 lines

Add them as child of the same parent so you can use this parent as reference to the points.

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Thank you for your answer but the issue i have is not the drawing of lines but the size of the parent.
I want to build a convoy of ships and want to test if the whole convoy has left the screen.
I also want to be able to programatically fill the convoy with ships and do not want to edit every convoys "size box" by hand.

If i could figure out a way to get the size (a Rect2D that encloses all child elements) i could solve my issue with code in process() or with a VisabilityNotifier() but for both i need the size.

In the past i've solved this kind of thing with get_rect() but this seems to be gone now.

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