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I wanted to download Godot Mono but I am aware that I have to get Mono 5.12.00 for this to work. I know that the latest version is Mono 5.18 but not too sure if 5.18 is going to work. Where can I find 5.12.00?


I went to this site, but not sure which one to install.

asked Jan 11 in Engine by Joe0239 (176 points)

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If you need to install Mono 5.12.0, you probably want the one with the highest patch level which is located at https://download.mono-project.com/archive/5.12.0/windows-installer/mono- (64-bit).

Note that Godot 3.1 won't require a specific Mono version anymore (as long as it's recent enough), but you will need to have NuGet and MSBuild installed.

answered Jan 11 by Calinou (3,937 points)
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