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Is there way to render a scene in the background (like clouds or planets)?
The concept is similar to RenderLayers but in 3D.
What I want to do:
I am making a space game and I want a dynamic background with planets and local stars, and I don't want to scale everything up too much so It doesn't clip (and I don't want to set camera's 'far' to something crazy).

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Given that this is like the first thing that google returns for this question, did you find a solution?

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This video mentions a way: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDDyt8gdGGI
However, he basically creates two scenes, with two cameras and combines them afterward.
I'm not sure about Godot pipeline, but in UE, this kind of thing would increase lag by 1 frame plus it increases the render cost significantly (it also wouldn't have occlusion culling). I'd be somewhat vary of using this particular method without checking it more.

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