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I have a weird issue that seems to only affect Windows and not Linux when using Godot and threading. For example:

# Set up some variables
var thread = Thread.new()

func _ready():
    thread.start(self, "versionChecking", "Loading...")

func versionChecking(message):
    get_node("Loading Message").set_text(message)
    # Pull the game version
    var RESPONSE = http.getGameVersion()
    return RESPONSE

func gameUpToDate():
    var RESPONSE = thread.wait_to_finish()
    # Loading server data is done so end the loading screen

This works fine in Linux: pulls the data from the server and ends the process thus moving on to the menu. In Windows, however, it pulls the data but the following line prevents it from moving on:

var RESPONSE = thread.wait_to_finish()

If I comment this out in Windows, the function completes and the game moves on. I have no idea why this code works fine in Linux in a complete form and fails in Windows.

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You should try call_deferred("gameUpToDate") instead, it works for me on Windows.

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Cheers for that! Going to implement it now and test it out.

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