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Hi all!

I am considering migrating a "bigger" project from 2.x to 3.x. I know that it won't be just by the press of a button. But I would be very happy to hear about (any) scripts, links and hints about the migration.

Basically I read this: (which helps with migrating scripts)

So I gave it a try by pressing "Export to 3.0"....

ok... after 3 or 4 tries which ended with godot simply stalling, I redirected the output to a text file...

after 2 more tries in which I eliminated some simple errors which were caused by a few unknown (and unneeded) file types I found out that there's an incompatibility of the Export with my Antivirus (Avira). So I temporarily disabled the Antivirus and on it went....

The Export "succeeded" and I began with changing the script to get the project starting up.

But... all meshes in all scenes were lacking the materials!
Most of these materials were simply some jpg/png image file textures with a few flags like "repeat" or "alpha". This is all completely gone. Even worse: Even the Material names have gone it is just "Material 0", "Material 1" ... so even when assigning manually I have to guess which texture/material goes where.

So my question:
Is there any trick, script, how-to, etc which helps migrating or re-assigning those image textures?
Or am I missing something?

If not then I'd have to write my own add-on/scripts for that. But I can't be the first, I guess???

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