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(while I wait to be accepted onto the godot developers forum, thought I would ask)

I want to spawn sprites onto the 2d canvas of my game, but I ALSO want to do this using node names or number names drawn randomly from an external json file--to allow my players to add custom game objects with their own graphics and json edits.

Can anyone recommend how I would go about selecting a random node from the game library as I instance it?

and if that's even possible by drawing the node's name based on a string from a json file?

thank you SO much for any ideas or leads!

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Don't know really where to start. What have you done so far?
Random numbers can be got using randi()%20 (or an other value). More information to that here.

Could you save the names and numbers from your json file in a list or a dict or so and then select random items to span them on random locations?

thanks for the response, Jowan!

and I had figured one way to do it using an array of Node2D scenes/graphics icons:

extends Node2D
var enviroArray = []

func _ready():
enviroArray.append(preload("res://Enviro NodeScenes/enviro001.tscn").instance())
enviroArray.append(preload("res://Enviro NodeScenes/enviro002.tscn").instance())
enviroArray.append(preload("res://Enviro NodeScenes/enviro003.tscn").instance())
enviroArray.append(preload("res://Enviro NodeScenes/enviro004.tscn").instance())

this will go on to 300 lines, don't know a quicker way.

func onrandomEnviroBtnbuttondown():
var spriteIcon = enviroArray[randi()% enviroArray.size()]
spriteIcon.position = Vector2(getviewport().size.x/2, getviewport().size.y/2)

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well you might have figured out that already but here's some shorter code (not tested):

extends Node
var spritelist  = []
func _ready():
     #updating the spritelist
     spritelist = create_list()

func get_all_files(path):
    #get all the files you have
    var files = [] 
    var dir = Directory.new()

    while true:
        var file = dir.get_next()
        if file == "":
        elif not file.begins_with("."):
            return files

func create_list():
     #create a list containing actual instances
     var files = get_all_files("res://customsprites")
     var sprites = []
     for file in files:
     return sprites

func get_random_sprite():
     #select and set up a random sprite
     var sprite = spritelist[randi()%len(spritelist)]
     sprite.position = Vector2()

is this what you were looking for? And what did you want about the names. Could you explain that in more detail?

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