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I'm working on a soon to hopefully be zombie survival game.. but I'm getting a weird glitch while trying to rotate the legs to face the direction of input (in a sum and total), so that the legs(sprite) seem like there facing towards the direction you're walking...

I have this for my movement so far..

var velocity = Vector2()
var rotationspeed = 180
var rot
dir = 0

func ready():

func getinput():
rot_dir = 0
velocity = Vector2()
if Input.is
velocity.x += 1
rotation += -90
if Input.isactionpressed('uileft'):
velocity.x -= 1
rotation += 90
if Input.is
velocity.y += 1
if Input.isactionpressed('ui_up'):
velocity.y -= 1
velocity = velocity.normalized() * speed

func control(delta):

func physicsprocess(delta):

the code in bold-italics is me attempting to get rotation to the legs(sprite) movement.. but I see now that the glitch is probably my code attempting to rotate my whole kinematic-body and my body(sprite) is attempting to follow the mouse at the same time.. so I suppose my new question is..
How would I move the legs of my character separately to the body with key input?
(while keeping my body and legs in place of the whole kin-body)
(I'll figure that part out if I can manage to rotate sprite animation with key in put without it effecting my movement)

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