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Hi all,
I was wondering if anyone knew whether the built-in Windows Speech Recognition Engine specifically could be used in Godot?

I know it is possible to use Google Speech api, but I'm looking for something that can be used offline only and as I'm building a game for Windows and it includes it's own engine, I would prefer to use that.

With the introduction of C# in the new Godot engine, I was going to have a play around with that and see if I could implement it myself, but if anyone knows if it can be done already, I would appreciate the pointers rather than spend time working on something others have already proven/dis[rove.


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It is possible, I've done some speech recognition/text to speech with C#:

Text to speech/voice recognition

That example was made with UrhoSharp with pure C# code, in fact previously I made some tests with Godot, but UrhoSharp has the support for multiple platforms.

Because that is a work project I cannot release any code, but I can tell you to use System.Speech.Synthesis and System.Speech.Recognition, be aware of multiple threads, many methods are async.

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