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Hi everyone! I have a problem with Godot that I don’t know how to solve: I have a main node whose child nodes are three different scenes. When I start the game, the three scenes take place simultaneously, overlapping each other.
What I want, however, is that the three scenes happen separately, and in chronological order (specifically, an animated intro, a main menu, and the first level of the game).

How can I do it? Thank you!

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If i understood you correctly, you need to use different scenes for each (one for intro, one for menu, and one ofr level one). Do not instance all three scenes into a main scene. Just the one you want to be loaded at start. Then, you can change scenes when animation ends, or a button is pressed, with something like this:


For example, in your main scene, you only instance the intro scene. When intro finish, change scene to menu. And when player press start (for example) in the menu, change to level 1. Do i explain myself?

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It works! Thank you so much! ;-)
Another question: when I’ll export the project, will the scene order remain the same? Will not I have to insert them all in one main scene?

The exported project should work the same as the project inside godot.

Thanks again! ;-)

You are welcome!

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