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I'm interested in using Godot to craft a quick desktop application with a flexible user interface. But I would need access to the local file system in order to use the application I would want to make. Mainly just planning on using it for reading and writing basic text files.

Is this currently possible using Godot? I know that in Unity, several of its functions that would allow it to access local files are disabled in the release version. So you can write plugins that have access to the local file system, but compiled applications won't. Does Godot operate in a similar fashion, or would it be possible to fashion a more "app" style program using Godot?

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The docs for OS and Directory don't mention any restrictions. In fact in Directory the docs explicitly say that you can also access directories outside of the project directory.

Edit: I just found this quote in Filesystem though:

Host filesystem

Of course, opening the host filesystem always works, as this is always useful when Godot is used to write tools, but for shipped projects this is discouraged and may not even be supported in some platforms.

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