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I make a big Sprite 102412000 for a scrolling bottom to top intro. Viewport is set to 1024600
At this sprite node i add many other sprite nodes to animate them later.
With an animationplayer i change the BigSprite:position from x,y 512, -5600 to 512, 5600 for a fast scrolling effekt.

But only sprite node attached to BigSprite at y position between -6000 and 645 will be shown then i start the animation, all sprite nodes at y position between 645 and 6000 will not be drawn so i can't see them.

Then i set in projectsetting the display/window/ heigth weight to 1024, 12000 i see the BigSprite and all the sprite nodes on it will show correct.

Did i have to set a draw area to tell the engine draw all the attached sprites?

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First I would try to use the offset or region properties instead.
I don't know what that intro sprite contains but it sounds like splitting it up and animating the parts could make it easier to work with and also change and/or reuse for other scenes.

There is also the setting for "Max renderable elements" that is set to 65536 on my current Godot build.

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It's not so many Objekts, less than 100, its the problem of the position on the large sprite.

All Sprite i place below 645 and 6000 will not be shown on screen.
If i move them higher 645 all looks fine.

region properties? where can i find them?

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