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Issue 95 is a doozy and can clear files in res://. I haven't seen this happen in the wild but it did happen a couple times when running the the Gut test suite and only when running the doubler tests (test_doubler.gd).

Evidently I got lazy and forgot to check output from opening a directory.

var dir = Directory.new()
<delete everything in dir>

Here's what I should have done:

var d = Directory.new()
var result = d.open(_output_dir)
if(result == OK):
<delete everything in dir>

The error resulted in the directory opened being res:// which I then proceed to delete all the files in the root of the project. The error returned was 31 and I'm not 100% sure why it happens but I figured I could sort that out after the fix was up.

Always check those returns.

Release Notes:
* Issue 60: Improved signal assert failure messages in some cases by having them include a list of signals that were emitted for the object.
* Issue 88: Fixed issue where you couldn't specify the config_file from the command line.
* Issue 95: Fixed issue where sometimes Gut can end up clearing files from res:\\ when using doubling.

Forgot the links
* https://github.com/bitwes/Gut/releases/tag/v6.6.1
* https://github.com/bitwes/Gut
* https://github.com/bitwes/Gut/wiki

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