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After exporting my app to android (usb debugging) everything works perfectly on my Samsung J6+
Hoever, on the HTC One Mini the splash shows (correctly) then the game menu loads upside down, on first inspection it seems that touches are not working, However the touches are actually happening in the correct place (if the display was orientated correctly)
Essentially if you imagine a menu with 5 items, Clicking the menu item at the top would actually be the bottom, and so on. (the middle is the middle)
Is there any setting that could cause this? is there any way i could check if it was a HTC one Mini in GDscript and invert the display?

I notice others have had a similar issue but with no answers. I will be happy to work with you to fix this, just let me know what you need,,,



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Thought i should add im using 3.0.6

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