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Hello guys,

My GODOT have a problem, and I don't know repair.
The code of error is:

ERROR: RasterizerGLES2::canvas_light_shadow_buffer_create: Condition ' status != 0x8CD5 ' is true. returned: RID()    At: drivers\gles2\rasterizer_gles2.cpp:8275

I don't know what is this, and a I can't play the project (F5 or F6), please, help me.

My configs:
OS: windows 10 64 Bits
Intel Core i5
4GB ddr3

Thanks and sorry for bad english :)

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What is your graphics card model?

I had a similar error some time ago and opened an issue: https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues/5392

But the error I got doesn't prevent to play the project. My project was working normally. It only shows the error.

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