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In my game, when the player's moving (don't press anything and you'll see the issue), the player's circles look kinda weird.
The player parts are Area2D -> CollisionShape2D -> Sprite, the sprite is a 1024 x 1024 texture. The Area2D node is scaled 0.5, the sprite 0.0625 - the issue seems to disappear when changing the scale of both back to 1 (It could also be that it's just not visible enough to notice then).
It's fixed when using pixel snapping, but that causes everything to jiggle in a weird way and I'd rather have it looks smooth.
I tried a lot of stuff, like changing antialiasing settings, enabling mipmaps for the texture, a lot of flag combinations in the texture and so on. Replacing the texture with a 128 x 128 version didn't seem to help either.
Is there a way to fix this?

Here's a link to the broken game

Link to the project source

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Hi, i've downloaded the game, the yellow circle is the player? could we see some code?

I updated the post with a link to the project source
The player is the first yellow circle, the other ones follow the player.

Hi, i see some little weird effect, but i do not know if it's expected cause of the refresh rate or something. Could you post a gif image so i can confirm we are seeing the same effect? I've noticed in my computer that the problem is when the sprite is moving relative to screen. For example, if i add a Camera2D to the snakehead and set is as current so the snake is always "still" relative to screen, i see less weird effect on it, but start to notice it on the red circle below.

Sorry, is all i found :(

Well, here's what I could record. I don't think you can see it well though (freaking compression)


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I found out something myself.
This doesn't fix it entirely, but enabling mipmaps in the png's import settings makes it looks quite a bit better. However, now it's flickering between part of a side being cut off and the full circle showing (You can easily see for yourself by editing the import settings)

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I'll try and see.

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