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How do I make a label follow the position of a KinematicBody2D but not it's rotation. That way the label is on top of the body and follows it around on screen, but doesn't rotate with it?

I achieved this one way by using this hierarchy:


However I had to copy the global position from the body to the node2D; is there a way to do it with this hierarchy?


Do I need an extra node between the body and label?

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You can put this on the Label:

func _process(delta):
    global_rotation = 0
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rotation and global_rotation are not properties of Label, so can't do that.

EDIT: However... can change the hierarchy to the following:


and set the global_rotation on the Node2D - *that* works!

Sorry, stick the Label to a Node2D first - I left that part out.

You can see an example of this in action for unit healthbars here:

Note, you can use set_rotation() in Control nodes, but that's a bit more hassle, I find.

I note that process works better than _physicsprocess which has a slight but noticeable lag.

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