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I made a similar setup as the one in the demo "2D in 3D viewport" :

On the video, the red mice is a Sprite3D and the green one is a sprite 2D in another scene, shown in 3D via Viewport. (I made this setup as it allows to assign some shaders to the 2D sprites in the process : outline and color change)

But even though the shadow is shown in the editor (thanks to the Opaque Pre-pass), it is not there when running the game. (Godot 3.1 alpha 2)

Any idea why it disappears ? :/
Thanks !

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after more tweakings, it appears that only the SpotLight and the OmniLight are missing their shadow. The DirectionalLight doesn't have this problem...

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I had a similar issue and fixed it by increasing the 'Size' parameter in the 'Shadow Atlas' section of the Viewport. Although for me, DirectionalLights were affected as well.

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