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Hey there, so i am at a college, learning game development. However i can't seem to find a tutorial or guide on making a 3d platformer in godot. I don't know if i have to code unique code in order to make a 3d platformer with jumping and the other stuff.

Or if the engine has the code to make a 3d platformer.

I am new to programming and only know a bit of python. So, please could any point me to a guide/tutorial official or unofficial on how to make a 3d platformer?

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There is an official 3d platformer demo from the 3.0 release here https://github.com/godotengine/godot-demo-projects/tree/master/3d/platformer.

If you want a video to get a basic idea of how it would work, maybe check out

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Just to make things clear. Does Godot has bulit in code to make platformers? like making movement,jumping and gravity? or do i have to make code from the ground up my platformer?

I just don't know, if the engine has functions built in to make a platformer :(

btw, the link doesn't work :(

Unless you copy a player node from a demo into your node scene, you will most definitely have to code. There is no built in 3d platformer player preset that you can use (unlike vehicles).

PS. youtube link should work now.

no lol, the youtube link works fine, the github one doesn't work :(

The github link works fine but the platform is incorrectly adding the dot by the end to the link. Just remove it and it'll be fine:


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