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I want to know if there are a way to acess other nodes and their things easily because I am very dependent of auto-completion and when I want to acess, it doesn't appears. For example:

I have a node called cow and another called bird (cow is child of main and bird is child of tree that is child of main).


extends Node2D

var _life = 100

func _ready():
    # I need to do something?


extends Node2D

var _test = "something"

func _ready():
    # Something

Now if I want to acess one from the other and its vars and functions. What I need to do?

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You can access vars with get_node("NodePathHere").VarNameHere pretty easily, but I don't know about functions.

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Is it okay for you to export a variable from one script and attach the required node through inspector?

export (NodePath) var cow

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This works, but what about nodes instantiated by gdscript?

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