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I am trying to compile export template with AdMob module. For Android I followed the Compiling for Android tutorial in Godot docs and successfully compiled and installed the export template.
For iOS I followed the Compiling for iOS tutorial in Godot docs and I have compiled the template. Now I have libgodot.iphone.opt.arm.a and libgodot.iphone.opt.arm64.a files, but I didn't find any information how to install the compiled export template.

How do I install compiled custom export templates for iOS?

Thank you

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so, you got 2 binaries for release.
then you need to make it fat binary with lipo as this document says.


lipo -create bin/libgodot.iphone.opt.arm.a bin/libgodot.iphone.opt.arm64.a -output bin/libgodot.iphone.release.fat.a

and there is a template directory for making iOS template.

godot source/misc/dist/ios_xcode

you can find libgodot.iphone.debug.fat.a and libgodot.iphone.release.fat.a in there.
overwrite it with bin/libgodot.iphone.release.fat.a
and zip ios_xcode directory.

now you got your custom ios template.
you can assign it at export window for custom package/release.

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I followed your instructions, but after assigning the custom package my export ends with error: Export templates for this platform are missing/corrupted: iOS.

After some digging in Godot source code I found out that the template has to be named iphone.zip, so I renamed the ios_xcode directory to iphone, then I packed it to iphone.zip and now it works fine.

@lukas_m have you repeat same steps to create debug project or you only used released version ??

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