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My current version is godot 3.1
At first my game is running well, but 3 min later it's fps drop to 6.

I found my script function take only 57.2%, but frame time take 894.5%. how to find where my game consume resource, why fps dropped.

please give us some hints or suggestion , thanks.

(my screenshot seem not showed? here is profiler screenshot click here)

enter image description here

asked Nov 22, 2018 in Engine by zhengying (19 points)
edited Nov 22, 2018 by zhengying

A good guess would be that you have entities disappearing off screen that you do not delete. ( bullets, enemies, etc )

@guppy42 thanks for your reply.

In my game we drawing line2d constantly and update some ploygon2d frequently.
may be you are right, there are something leaks, but why profiler can't track them? I can't found them.

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