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Hi, I'm using Godot 3.0.4 since Android export seems to be broken with the current 3.0.6.
I want to create a 2D Level with elements up to x=10000, but the editor won't let me scroll to the right once I have reached a certain x value (typically x=2300).
When I increase the Window resolution in Project Settings it will let me go further to the right (the bigger the window, the further I can scroll). But that is kind of cumbersome. Is there a way to ignore this limitation? And is this intended or like just some remainings of old code?


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There is a known issue in 3.0.x where panning the editor is blocked to a limited area, which is sometimes smaller than the space elements in the scene take. It should have been solved in 3.1 master branch https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues/5736

You could try in 3.1 alpha2 to see if you still have this problem.

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to bypass this problem you can put a temporary Node2D and set it's position manually (in the inspector) near the limit you want, the editor should expand the scroll to that position.

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