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This is my first time at the forum and I a not very good at english, so sorry for anything :p

When I try to export my project to Android the window shows the following warnings:

ADB executable not configured in editor settings.
OpenJDK 6 jarsigner not configured in editor settings.
Debug Kystore not configured in editor settings.
Export templates for this platform are missing:

As shown by the images, I have already configured the paths for these settings according to the documentations, so I don't know what is going wrong.

My OS is Windows 10 Pro

Thank you!

Export template

enter image description here

Editor settings warnings

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Make sure to install export template. If you are using Mono version with C# scripting then it's not possible to export to Android.

Ok, I forgot to mentio that I am a total noob. I downloaded Godot again (Godotv3.0.6-stablewin64), and the Export Template Manager says "3.0.6.stable (Installed)", and the "Export templates for this platform are missing" warning disappeared. Does that mean that I have installed the export template cerrectly?
Apart from that, I am at the same situation.

Yes, export templates are now installed correctly. Looks like paths are not set correctly.

I have finally found the problem: I was copying the paths directly from the file manager, and they came with the quotation marks. The files are now correctly recognized without the quotation marks.
Thank you for the support, it would take me forever to realize that I should not use the Mono version.

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