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I'm trying to get my project exported to mac using Godot 3.1 Alpha 2.

The game exports just fine on Windows and Android, but the mac version will just show the icon, and then close without any errors, even when I run it through the terminal.

So I tried to export an empty project with just an icon sprite, and it works just fine.

I don't think it can be a problem with case sensitive paths, because like I said, it works just fine on Android.

What do I do?

Here's the project in question: https://www.mediafire.com/file/z2xjfr6z972qavh/Project.zip/file

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Don't have a Mac to fully debug, but I already see a few issues when testing on Linux:

  • Your Mac export defines a res://rclogo.png icon which doesn't exist.
  • You don't have any identifier set for the Mac export. I don't know if it's mandatory on Mac, but if it is that might explain why it doesn't run.
  • You do have case sensitivity issues, as I can't select a language on Linux.

This error shows up:

ERROR: load_interactive: Condition ' err != OK ' is true. returned: Ref<ResourceInteractiveLoader>()
   At: scene/resources/scene_format_text.cpp:1225.
ERROR: _load: Failed loading resource: res://Scenes/warnings.tscn
   At: core/io/resource_loader.cpp:192.

Normally you should get warning about those on Windows too.

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I saw that error, but have no idea what it means? How do I fix it?

I also tried to fix the case sensitivity issues and add an identifier, but the problem still persists.

Failed loading resource: res://Scenes/warnings.tscn

This means that Scenes/warnings.tscn can't be loaded, and indeed it's in the scenes folder, not Scenes.

I meant more the first error:

ERROR: load_interactive: Condition ' err != OK ' is true. returned: Ref<ResourceInteractiveLoader>()
   At: scene/resources/scene_format_text.cpp:1225.

What does this mean?

If it means basically the same thing, then the mac version doesn't even get as far as the language selection screen. It only shows the icon on the dock, and then exits without showing a window or any error.

The first error is linked to the second.

I can't say much a priori about the Mac build not starting, but if you have access to a Mac, try to open your project from source in the Mac version of the editor and see if it works. Also extract the Godot binary from the exported Mac .app and try to run the project with it directly (godot --main-pack path/to/game.pck).

Also check that the binary has executable permissions.

The game works perfectly in the editor on Mac, just not exported.

Thank you for you comment Akien. Running the pck directly show me some broken dependencies due to folder name case changing.

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