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I am trying to write a module to implement the FMOD audio engine into Godot. (My code here https://github.com/rmazzier/FMOD-Module---Godot )

My plan was to implement a custom Node, containing the basic functionalities of the FMOD audio engine (i followed this really nice guide for using the FMOD API https://codyclaborn.me/tutorials/making-a-basic-fmod-audio-engine-in-c/ ).
As long as the fmod.cpp file is empty, so without the methods implementations, the engine compiles correctly and a empty "FMode" node, (which inherits from Node) appears in the compiled Godot.
enter image description here

As soon as I write a method implementation in the .cpp file though, I get all sorts of linker errors, which made me think I did something wrong in setting up the SCsub file, which tells SCons where to look for external libraries (I suppose scons wants the .a files, so the static libraries, to know how to correctly link the program).
enter image description here

Does anyone have any idea of what I'm doing wrong, or can suggest where I can find more info on how the SConstruct files work?

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