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i'm trying to export my game to android , i tried for the first exporting a debug apk , it works fine but when i export the release version it doesn't work , the game crashes each time i open it , i used keystore i generated ... i don't know where this error is coming from , (THE ONLY difference between debug config and release config is i switched off "Export with debug") if anyone has the same error before please any help will be appreciated .

asked Nov 9, 2018 in Projects by B4DNetwork (26 points)

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Problem solved by using Release export templates.
Before i was using release_debug export templates and this is what was causing the crash.

answered Nov 9, 2018 by B4DNetwork (26 points)

I just ran into the exact same problem here,

Debug app works fine, but release crashes instantly.

I did have it working for a while but it doesn't anymore.
What do you mean with changing the export template?

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