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I load a file and get a record too much [arry.pop_back()], and this error message.

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I'm a bit confused about what you are trying to achieve here, but it could be interesting to see how you are saving this data. Perhaps the data in the file is not exactly like you expect.

Note: you can do err == OK instead of err == 0.

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save function

func _on_But_Speichern_pressed():
    save_I(Waff_Arr, Waff_Index+1, "res://Waffen.dat")

func save_I(U_Array, Laenge, FileName):
    var Datei = File.new()
    var err = Datei.open(FileName, File.WRITE) 
    for i in range(0, Laenge):
        for j in range(0, Feldlaenge):
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