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this is a noob question, but I searched a lot and found no answer... What the hell is the "standard" way to configure an ItemList node?
I´m adding control nodes to the itemlist and nothing happens, they simply stay there and are not selectable.

Why isnt there a brief explanation on how to set the nodes in the documentation?
The controls are very hard to get by just randomly try them out

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never mind, i found out that on top menu there is an "Items" button next to "Layout".
This thing that the Inspector does not hold the entire information about the node is counter-intuitive

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The items in ItemList are generated from an internal list edited by add_item("text") or via the gui on top of the 2D view. If you want to use something for a layout of lets sat custom controls you want to use a *GridContainer* or maybe a *VBoxContainer*.

(The items show up as buttons if you inspect the ItemList while running)

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