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I hope it gets clear what I want to achieve.
First the background of my question:
I am currently transferring my UI elements for a mobile game I'm working on into Godot.
I read in the official documents that the base resolution of my project should be set to the most common minimal resolution that it will be used on, so I decided to use 720p for that.
Since Godot does automatically scale textures and doesn't support using textures in different resolutions, I didn't want to use textures according to the 720p resolution, because I expect them to not look sufficient enough for the higher resolutions. So I exported my textures according to a 1080p resolution.

I thought that it would be no problem because I can use the scaling for that.
Now that I'm implementing my UI using containers it gets really frustrating, cause containers overwrite the scaling value of their textureRect children.

So my question is:

What is the best practice to have the UI look good at mobile screens, which can vary from 720p to 4k?

Should I change my base resolution up to 1080p to avoid scaling? If so, how can I make sure my UI still looks good on 720p?
Is there a way to scale textures when working with containers that I fail to see?

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