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I have a 2D fighting game which i want players can fight each other from net (player vs player)
i read some high level networking tutorials/samples for that. this is my lobby code. there are two main problems (for now)
1- the one which is server move properly, but the client one does not move at all.
2- game pause does not work for synchronising the two screen.

Lobby Code:

extends Control
func _ready():
    get_tree().connect("network_peer_connected", self, "_player_connected")
    name_holder.text = global.Name
func _on_PlayerName_text_changed(new_text):
     name_holder.text = new_text
     global.Name = name_holder.text
func _on_PvPButton_pressed():
    print("Hosting network")
    global.client = false
    var host = NetworkedMultiplayerENet.new()
    var res = host.create_server(4242, 2)
    if res != OK:
        print("Error creating server")
        global.client = true
        global.client = false
func _player_connected(id):
    print("Player connected to server!")
    global.connected_player = id
func pre_start_game():
    var ring = load("res://scenes/Modes/Default/PvP-Default.tscn").instance()
    var player1 = ring.get_node("Player01")
    var player2 = ring.get_node("Player02")
    if global.client == false:
remote func post_start_game():

codes which i use in both player01 and player02 scripts:

    func _physics_process(delta):
    if is_network_master():
         rpc_unreliable("setPosition",Vector2(position.x - velocity.x, position.y - velocity.y))
    slave func setPosition(pos):
      position = pos

P.S1: i removed "gettree().setpause(false)" from lobby codes, because it freeze everything (idk how to use it in networking for synchronising)
P.S2: Im using one button for being host and join the server, so I mix host and join codes together (func onPvPButton_pressed). beside i use 2 kinematic characters (player01 and player02), server is player01 and client is player02

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First, using


will overwrite your previous code (it will reload the scene). So you can remove it.
I think it's better to load your world, then add it as a child to your main scene, so your change will stay.

var ring = load("res://PvP-Default.tscn").instance()

Then, you don't need to change the node name, since you already hardcoded 2 players in your scene.

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hi dant4
thank you for your guidance, ive fixed these problems, but what you said about changing the scene, fixed another problem in the ring scene, i could click the main menu button in ring scene, that gettree().changescene() fixed this problem.. thank you for your time and guidance :)

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