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I am confused with the "blend" and "add" node in animation tree

What is the difference betwen them?

Thank you.

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When blending you replace one animation with other, at 0 it is 100% the first animation and at 1 it's 100% the second animation.
When adding you define how much of second animation is in first animation, so at 0 it is 100% first animation and at 1 it is 50% each one.
You can use blending for transition (from walk to run, idle to attack, etc.) and with add you can create new animations (walk+injured->injuredwalk)

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This is answering another question I had, but how is add set to 1 is different to blend set to .5? I thought Add will really add the two animations together and not set them to 50% first.

It's the same result as you found. Maybe the name should be Mix and not Add. I don't use ADD because it looks like you need to create animations in specific ways to make the adding effect to work. I don't know what you want to achieve but you could try using a blend node and some filters

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It is how many animations you want to blend. The Blending acts like a lerp, so at 0.5 of Blend2 each of the 2 animations will have 50% blending.

Blend3 each of the 3 animations will have roughly 33.33% of the blend.

Blend4 each of the 4 animations will have 25% of the blend.

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