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This QA site has really strange formatting, and the Preview shown below the text box does not always match what the actual post looks like.
This makes it hard to post helpful answers or questions. The underscore symbol is used for italicizing even though in the Preview the words are not italicized and the underscores are not hidden. And clicking on the italicize icon uses asterisk instead of the underscore. But the underscore is important when posting function names, so they should not disappear in a post, because it just makes it confusing.
Code highlighting also seems strange, and I don't know which is better for big chunks of code, the "code" tag, or the "pre" tag? The code tag seems to ignore tabs, while the pre doesn't always include all the code correctly. I had a post where I used the "pre" tag to show some code, but it cut off part of the code and instead placed that portion as plain text outside of the box, even though in the preview before posting it appeared exactly how I wanted it, inside the box.

Is there any way the formatting can be changed to something that wont conflict with functions or code, and can the preview box be fixed so it will show exactly what will be posted?

asked Apr 23, 2016 in Gossip by CowThing (661 points)
edited Apr 23, 2016 by CowThing

To prevent any formatting to take place, always place code or function names inside apostrophes. For blocks of code, just make a new paragraph with two new lines and indent by four spaces or a tab.

Ah thank you, those worked in fixing the code and functions.

Still, the preview doesn't always show exactly how things will be posted, which can be annoying.

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