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I'm making a game in gdscript in which i made a save system that work like this :

const filepath = "res://save/lists.save"

func load_list():
    var file = File.new()
    if not file.file_exists(filepath): return
    file.open(filepath, File.READ)
    saved_list = file.get_var()

func save_list():
    var file = File.new()
    file.open(filepath, File.WRITE)

In my file, i store a list of array. This code seems to work if i use it in the engine. But when i'm exporting my game, it doesn't work anymore. I can use the array that i did in the engine, when i use "save_list()" it works when i'm in the game but as soon as i close the game, "lists.save" return as when i exported the game.

I'm sorry if i'm not clear, i'm not native English speaker so i hope you'll understand.


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iam not sure but i suspect you have to use "user://[filepath]" as path, because thats the only place where you have writing access

than in windows you find this file in %appdata%/godot/[your_project]/

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